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Define.  Refine.  Relay.

Whoever your audience may be, getting them to hear what you’re trying to say can be frustrating.  Whether it’s traditional messaging, customer or employee experience, environmental perception or data efficiency– it’s all communication.

Communication is the basis for almost any efficiency problem your organization is having– and if you’re having efficiency problems, it’s costing you time, company satisfaction, and resources.
At Relay, we have experts in all these fields, and we have come together with the single purpose of helping organizations communicate effectively and efficiently.

If you know something is wrong in your organization, but you can’t put your finger on it, we’re your people.  We can define it for you, refine a complete solution combining your experience and our expertise, and then relay it in the most effective way.  End result?  Everyone in your organization is in the same boat and rowing in the same direction.  ***Cue sunset.

Business Diagnostics

Corporate Organization

Growth Planning

Budget Efficiency

Identifying Corporate Strengths/Weaknesses


Data Interpretation

Website Design

Web Application Development

Software Architecture






Corporate Communications


Social Media

Corporate Culture

Environmental Design

Employee Morale

Personel Organization

Organizational Efficiency